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Invisible Orthodontics Clinic in Valencia

As one of the newest alternatives to traditional braces, invisible orthodontics is disrupting the dental sector. Our Impress clinics, situated across Spain, consist of a large team of professional orthodontists who offer patients the latest treatments and techniques to help them achieve the perfect smile. Visit us to find out how we can help you transform yours.

How does it work?

We begin with a dental diagnosis. This involves taking an X-ray and 3D scan of your teeth, which will help us produce a video simulation of the process of achieving your future smile.

Once you approve the video simulation, we will produce your aligners and then send you your Impress kit at home. Monitoring will be done through the dental app, reducing the number of visits you have to make to the clinic.

Post-treatment, you will have to continue wearing the retainers at night only, to maintain that perfect smile - a guarantee that is only offered by Impress.

Why Impress is better

BracesInvisible Aligners with DentistOther Invisible Aligner Companies
Virtual Visits & Mobile Monitoring
Virtual Visits & Mobile Monitoring
Post Treatment Services & Retainers
Post Treatment Services & Retainers
Whitening Treatment Included
Whitening Treatment Included
Financing Options Available
Financing Options Available
Experienced Orthodontists
Experienced Orthodontists

Before and after treatment

Each of us is unique, and this is also reflected in our oral health and the care we give to our teeth. We’re fortunate to have access to several treatment options and solutions for dental problems, but these usually take between 18 and 24 months. So if you’d like to see a transformation in your smile, your own before and after, you can find us amongst the best orthodontists.

7 months
7 months
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At impress, we specialise in offering the best invisible orthodontics and other cities around the country. Our focus is directed towards one single product, making us experts in the field of invisible orthodontics, as well as an excellent alternative to traditional orthodontic methods, like braces, self-ligating orthodontics and other invisible orthodontic brands. We use an advanced system to offer direct, personalised and exclusive care to our patients. For this reason, we have our own app to offer the best communication between patients and our orthodontists.

We invest in the most innovative technology in the sector, so that our treatments can be of the highest quality. From the start, we use specialised equipment to detect dental problems in the patient, including X-rays and 3D scans to produce a visual image of the teeth, detecting any issues with the most efficiency. We also use a video simulation to show the patient the final results of their treatment before they even begin, so they know what to expect from their future smile.

The Impress team is made up of dental professionals with more than 15 years of experience offering dental services and orthodontic treatments. And it doesn’t stop there: the team continues studying any advances that emerge in the field of odontology to provide patients with the latest methods, treatments and techniques available, that they need to achieve the best results and obtain that perfect smile.

The price we offer for our treatments is another benefit of choosing Impress. In the same way that it can be said the eyes are a reflection of the soul, we believe that the smile is as well. Everyone should, therefore, have the opportunity to express themselves freely and comfortably - and a perfect smile can make that possible. That’s why we do not involve any intermediaries in the work we do. We have our own personnel, from those who produce the aligners to our orthodontists with more than 15 years of experience who tend to our patients. The final price, which is reduced considerably, reflects this, without compromising on quality.

You can find our main Impress clinic located, offering all services in-person and through the app, to individually monitor each patient’s treatment. We also have clinics and orthodontists based in other cities around the country, which offer the same services, at the same quality and price. Think of us as a large family distributed across Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of invisible orthodontics?

Invisible orthodontics offers a number of benefits to patients who opt for this type of treatment, the main advantage being that nobody will notice you wearing aligners - a point that could be considered particularly important today, with the emphasis that society now places on the aesthetic. Comfort is another benefit. With our aligners, you shouldn’t feel any pain, or experience the discomfort and sores that could be caused by traditional braces.

Can invisible orthodontics be removed?

There are various options when it comes to invisible orthodontics, but here at Impress we only offer the best with our invisible and removable aligners. You can take them out easily to eat or if you’d prefer not to wear them to a particular social event. The only thing to bear in mind is that the more you wear your invisible aligners, the quicker you will see the results of your treatment.

How long will treatment last with invisible orthodontics?

The duration of the orthodontic treatment is determined during the first visit to the clinic, give or take a few months, after the medical diagnosis. However, there may be factors that could delay treatment time. Although it is taken into consideration that the patient would like to complete treatment as quickly as possible, this can only be achieved if the orthodontist’s advice is strictly followed. If not, there is a risk that the length of treatment could be extended.

Who is invisible orthodontics for?

Invisible orthodontics is one of the newest treatments available, with the objective of improving the alignment of patients’ teeth as discreetly as possible. It is, therefore, suitable for use by anyone who would like to transform their smile, from children and adolescents to adults.


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