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Impress treatments: about the process and frequently asked questions

31 March · 8 minutes

The Impress method is a revolutionary way of aligning teeth. Impress removable and invisible aligners are made from robust rigid polyurethane, a high-tech medical material.

If you start your invisible orthodontic treatment with us, you will be able to do a large part of it from the comfort of your home. All with the supervision of our orthodontic specialists through our app.

Types of Impress invisible orthodontic treatments

We have different types of orthodontic treatment: Impress Super Light, Impress and Impress Plus.

Impress Super Light

The Impress treatment is designed for those patients who suffer from very small bite problems, crowding or minor gaps. The duration of this type of treatment is approximately 3 months. This treatment is intended for both adult and teen patients.


The Impress treatment is designed for those patients who suffer from slightly more complicated bite problems, crowding or gaps, but still aren’t considered severe. The duration of this type of treatment is approximately 6 months. Like the rest, this treatment is intended for adults and teens. All of the Impress treatments consist of 3 main phases.

Impress Plus 

The Impress Plus treatment is designed for those people who have more severe bite, crowding or gapping problems. For this reason, the price of the Impress Plus treatment is a little higher than that of the standard. In addition, the duration of these treatments is also somewhat longer.

Phases of the Impress orthodontic treatment

The Impress treatments consist of 3 main phases. We’ll proceed to explain what each of them consists of, that way you aren’t left with any questions.

Smiling woman with aligners in hand


In the first phase diagnosis and pre-orthodontic dental treatments are carried out. During the consultation, x-rays, an oral exam and a 3D scan are performed to obtain a detailed and in-depth image of your oral cavity. Using the results, the medical team will diagnose your case and tell you which treatment suits you best. In addition, after just a few days you will receive a video simulation of what your future smile will look like.

In the event that the medical team considers it necessary to perform any pre-orthodontic dental treatment, it will be necessary to carry it out before starting to use the aligners. These treatments can range from performing dental cleanings, to treating any cavities that may exist, to placing crowns or bolts, to extracting a tooth. All this is done to ensure the success of orthodontic treatment. In addition, in this phase your aligners are sent to be produced, so that when your mouth is completely ready you can start using them.


This is the main phase of orthodontics. Once your aligners are ready, you will receive them at home. Then you should notify Impress that you have received them and you’ll also need to make an appointment at the clinic to do the onboarding and to place attachments or perform an initial IPR, if necessary. After this visit, you can proceed to use the first set of your aligners.

During this phase, your doctor may tell you to go to the clinic to perform an IPR, place a dental button or an elastic. However, visits to the clinic will be occasional since, thanks to the app, our team will be able to monitor your progress online and you won’t need to go to the clinic as often - saving you time and travel.

Most of the follow-up is done from the app weekly or every two weeks, depending on the instructions of your doctor, who will be supervising your case throughout the process. If you've worn your aligners correctly for the minimum recommended amount of time, chances are your teeth have moved as expected and your medical team will tell you that you're ready to move on to the next set of aligners.


After completing the treatment phase, you must move on to the final phase: retainers. Retainers are used to help maintain the results of your treatment so you don’t have to wear braces again. Remember that teeth continue moving throughout our whole lives, so it is important that we wear retainers properly.

Frequently asked questions about aligners

Smiling woman putting on Impress aligners

Can I start using the aligners without having gone to the clinic to place the attachments?

No. If the need to place attachments or perform IPR is required for treatment, it’s essential that you visit the clinic for this procedure before using aligners. If you’re not sure if your case requires these procedures, consult with our team before starting to use the aligners.

How should the aligners be cleaned and maintained?

Aligners should be cleaned with cold water, neutral pH soap, and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Do not wash the aligners with hot water or with anything other than cool water and neutral soap. In addition, to prevent them from being lost or damaged, it is important to always keep them in their case and keep them out of the reach of pets.

What should I do with the aligners that I no longer need?

Don't throw away old aligners. You need to clean them and put them back in their numbered bag until the treatment is completely finished.

What should I do if I lose an aligner?

If you have lost an aligner, the first thing you should do is contact the medical team and, depending on your case, they’ll tell you if it’s possible to move on to the next aligner and how long you should use that set. Or if, on the contrary, you have to use the old aligner again and wait for the missing aligner to be reconstructed.

What should I do if I stopped using my aligners for a long time?

In this case, you must contact us by phone to schedule a visit to the clinic. It is essential that you come to this visit with all your aligners so that, after being evaluated in person by our specialists, it can be determined which set of aligners you’ll need to use to resume treatment.

Frequently asked questions about additional treatments

Woman holding a case of Impress aligners

What are chewies and what is their function?

The chewies are small rubber cylinders that we receive in the kit. Its main function is to promote the correct fit of our aligner. For this, it’s necessary that we bite or chew on them for 5 or 10 minutes a day.. 

My retractor is broken or I lost my chewies. What do I have to do?

If this is your case, you can check the Impress hours in your city and stop by your usual clinic to request a new retractor or set of chewies at reception, at no additional cost.

How is whitening used?

As a previous step to whitening, it is necessary to practice good dental hygiene at home (brushing, flossing and mouthwash). It’s necessary to prepare the dental surface so that whitening can correctly perform its function.

  1. Shake the bottle of bleach thoroughly
  2. Place a little product inside the aligners
  3. Put in the mouth for 20 minutes
  4. Remove

This procedure should be carried out only once a day until the content of the product is exhausted.We recommend using it at the end of treatment, when you no longer have attachments.

What are IPRs and what is their function?

The IPR or dental stripping is a small interdental polishing, which is performed in order to eliminate the point of contact between the teeth and, in this way, generate the necessary space so that they can be positioned correctly in the dental arch.

What to do if I drop an attachment or a button?

In the first instance you should contact the medical department. The buttons must be replaced as soon as possible. You should also remember that if you have buttons on both sides of your mouth, the aligner should not be used until all the buttons have been repositioned again.

Attachments are movement enhancers in invisible orthodontics. So although they are important and must be replaced, we can be without them for a maximum period of 30 days.

Frequently asked questions about discomfort

Man looking at his teeth in the mirror

Is it normal that at the beginning of the treatment I feel pressure and a little pain in the teeth?

Yes. Your teeth are not used to receiving external forces. That is why when we first place the aligners, they exert a slight pressure to move the teeth. However, you have nothing to worry about as, after a few days, your teeth get used to this sensation and the discomfort disappears.

Is it normal that I feel pressure with some aligners more than with others?

Yes, this is completely normal. If we take into account that each aligner is working to make a different movement, it is normal that some exert a little more pressure than others.

Is it normal that I am presenting a slight pain in the jaw?

Yes it's normal. During treatment with this type of orthodontics, the aligners may cause jaw discomfort. These discomfort normally last a couple of days. If this is your case, you can apply hot and cold compresses at home or give yourself a massage in the area. If it does not improve, we recommend making an appointment for a clinic visit to better assess the issue.

What can cause the inflammation of my gums?

Gingival inflammation can be due to various factors. The most common is excess dental tartar, which favors the proliferation of bacteria that generate inflammation. Periodontal disease, smoking, hormonal processes and the consumption of certain medications can also cause gingival inflammation. Maintaining good hygiene during treatment helps prevent inflammation.

What should I do if I need to have a restoration or filling done during my treatment?

You must consult the medical team beforehand and go to the dentist with the aligners, so that said restoration is carried out based on the orthodontics that we are wearing, thus avoiding maladjustments.

I am pregnant, will this affect my treatment?

No, there is no connection between the two. In case of nausea or gingival inflammation (typical of pregnancy), you should contact the medical team for specific instructions.

Can I smoke with aligners?

No, because the nicotine in cigarettes contributes to the pigmentation of the aligners.

Can I use a mouthwash during the treatment?

Yes, the mouthwash is always an important step in our dental hygiene. It is best to use one that does not contain alcohol.

Frequently asked questions about scans

Orthodontist showing a patient how the Impress App works

What happens if I don't do the scans?

If the scans are not performed through the app, all guarantees included in the contract will be voided.

If I went to the clinic and the doctor allowed me to move on to the next aligner, should I still do the scan through the app?

Yes, regardless of the face-to-face evaluation, it is necessary to complete all the steps in the app in order to have a record of the evolution of the treatment.

What is the approximate response time to the scans?

Approximately between 6 and 48 hours.

Frequently asked questions about post treatment

Man putting in Impress invisible aligners

I have used my last set of aligners, what's next?

Now it is necessary to schedule a clinic visit so that our specialists can review the evolution of the treatment. Based on this, we will tell you if your teeth are completely fine and you can advance to the retention phase or if you should perform a refinement.

When I finish with my aligners, is it guaranteed that my teeth will be perfect?

It is important to bear in mind that, although our specialists prepare a treatment plan based on the needs of each patient with a specific time estimate for all the movements, each body reacts differently to the pressure. Also, dental anatomy varies. Therefore, there is a possibility that at the end of the treatment not all dental movements won’t have been completed. But don't worry, we have the refinement option to complete these movements and satisfactorily achieve the objective.

What happens if my initial treatment does not end as expected?

During the clinic visit, our specialists will evaluate the evolution of the treatment. Based on this, they will tell you if there is any adjustment left to be made to the aligner to achieve the desired objective or if it will be necessary to make refinement aligners. As long as all clinic visits and monitoring through the app have been completed, the refinement will be included within the Impress guarantee.

For how many hours should I wear the retainers?

During the first month they should be used 22 hours a day. In the second month, 12 hours a day and, from the third month, only at night.

Why are retainers important?

The retainers are responsible for correctly maintaining all the movements produced during the treatment, thus preventing you from having to wear braces again.

Do you have more questions about your treatment? You can contact us by phone or WhatsApp at +44 20 3808 1072, or use the App chat. 

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