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Learn about our treatments for solving complicated orthodontic cases using microimplants, distalizers and hybrid orthodontic treatments.

Clear orthodontics with microimplants

Clear orthodontic treatments using microimplants can treat cases that until now could only be solved with extractions, surgery and fixed orthodontics, like braces.

When is it necessary to undergo orthodontic treatment with microimplants?

  • In some cases, the only way to exert the necessary force for certain dental movements is if we have an anchorage. So we use orthodontic microimplants, which are mini or micro screws that are inserted into the bone in order to achieve the goal.

  • Orthodontic microimplants help to make precise movements without moving the other teeth.

What does an orthodontic treatment with microimplants involve?

  • It’s a simple technique that barely requires anesthesia.

  • Orthodontic microimplants are temporary and are used only during treatment.

  • They don’t leave any marks or scars.

  • The duration depends on how complex the patient’s orthodontic case is.

  • Microimplants in orthodontics help to move the teeth without moving the other ones.

Estimated treatment duration

12-18 months

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Hybrid treatment with braces and aligners

Hybrid treatments are designed for complex orthodontic cases that require a combination of braces and clear aligners to achieve the desired results.

When is it necessary to undergo a hybrid orthodontic treatment?

  • This type of treatment is useful for dental movements that are more easily done with braces than with clear aligners.

What does a hybrid orthodontic treatment with braces and aligners involve?

  • The first phase of treatment is done with braces and lasts a maximum of 6 months.

  • The second phase, which is more comfortable and quicker than braces, is done with clear aligners.

Estimated treatment duration

12-18 months

Clear orthodontics with distalizers

Orthodontic treatments with distalizers allow us to treat complicated orthodontic cases involving malocclusion in anteroposterior direction. Thanks to orthodontic distalizing appliances, we can avoid resorting to exodontics, and correct the bite without other teeth crowding during the first stages of treatment.

When is it necessary to undergo an orthodontic treatment with a distalizer?

  • Distalization in orthodontic treatment allows the specialist to correct the anteroposterior bite and prevent crowding during treatment.

  • Allows faster movements

  • The device can be transparent

What does orthodontic treatment with a distalizer involve?

  • First phase: Orthodontic treatment with a distalizer (must be used for 5-8 months) + passive aligner in the opposite arch

  • Second phase: treatment with aligners

Estimated treatment duration

12-18 months

Get the best price for the treatment tailored for you

Your orthodontic check-up will determine which level of treatment you need. We can help with most cases we’re presented with and provide comprehensive care pre- and post-treatment.

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What's included?

Impress App and 24/7 support

Available in the App Store and Google Play.

Unlimited clinic visits

Most follow-up visits during treatment can be done digitally, but you can come to the clinic for a check-up in person whenever you want.

Impress Kit with all aligners

The Impress Kit includes all the aligners needed for the treatment, a travel case, whitening foam, chewies and mouth retractor.

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What do our treatments include?

  • Video included with the treatment plan that simulates your future smile

  • Digital treatment through the app

  • Chat with the medical team 7 days a week

  • In-person visits with our orthodontists

  • Flexibility: start in one city, finish in another

  • Plus, all scans, visits and aligners (even if extra ones are needed) are included as part of the treatment.

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