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Paula Badosa putting in a pair of Impress aligners.

Impress clear aligners

Straighten your teeth with our experience, innovation and latest technology

A treatment you don't have to adjust to: it adapts to you


Woman smiling and putting in a pair of Impress aligners.


An Impress aligner kit beside a laptop on a wooden table.

Effective even for complex cases

Fast, with results from 6 months onwards

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Woman smiling and showing her aligned teeth.A woman smiling and showing an Impress aligner on a red background.A woman smiling and holding an Impress aligner.Woman showing her aligned teeth while smiling.Woman smiling and showing her aligned teeth.A woman smiling and showing an Impress aligner on a red background.A woman smiling and holding an Impress aligner.Woman showing her aligned teeth while smiling.


A set of Impress aligners on a blue background.


Doctor Kjeld Aamodt showing a pair of Impress aligners.

AI-optimised application

An Impress aligner kit and a mobile with the Impress app.

How do Impress’ orthodontic treatments with invisible teeth aligners work?

Impress orthodontic treatments combine the security of being in expert hands and the freedom of digitalisation:

A doctor in an Impress clinic showing a patient their 3D scan.


Free first visit and diagnosis

Our orthodontists will assess your oral health with X-rays and a 3D scan, and will indicate which type of orthodontic treatment with invisible aligners is best suited to your case.

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An X-ray image showing the planned movements of an Impress customised treatment.


Customised treatment plan

Our specialists will create a plan that's 100% tailored to your needs and design the necessary clear aligners for your treatment.

A woman sitting on a bed and opening her Impress aligner kit.


Beginning of treatment

Your Impress kit will be delivered to your home or wherever you would like. Our team will contact you to let you what the next steps will be to start your journey towards healthy and straight teeth.

The teeth scan feature in the Impress mobile app.


Monitoring by our orthodontists

Our orthodontists will monitor the progress of your treatment. You can have follow-ups via the app or by visiting our clinics – whichever is most convenient for you.

An Impress aligner kit shown under purple light.


Show your teeth!

Once you have finished your treatment with our clear aligners, you can maintain the results with Impress retainers.

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They're already showing their teeth with pride, are you ready to join them?

Why start orthodontic treatment with Impress?

At Impress we offer orthodontic treatments with clear dental aligners tailored to each patient, using the latest technology in the sector and with medical follow-ups from wherever you are:

Dr. Kjeld Aamodt smiling on a white background.


We have a specialised and highly experienced medical team, which allows us to treat even the most complex cases.

Woman giving peace signs with an open mouth, showing her aligned teeth.
Young woman smiling and holding a pair of Impress aligners.
Young man putting in a pair of Impress aligners.

Personalised treatments

Every smile is unique. That's why our specialists design personalised treatment plans with clear dental aligners tailored to the needs of each patient, at any age.

A 3D scan of a patient´s teeth on a screen.
A 3D scanner in an Impress clinic.
A digital 3D model of a set of teeth showing the planned movements of an Impress treatment.

The latest technology

The most innovative technology on the market for a faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

A male patient with the Impress aligner box and mobile app.
A female patient taking follow-up scans of her treatment for the Impress app.
A male patient having a dental treatment at an Impress clinic.

Hybrid monitoring

You will be able to limit the number of clinic visits thanks to our AI-optimised app supervised by specialists.

A treatment room in an Impress orthodontic clinic.
Red dental chair in an Impress orthodontic treatment room.
White table and red chairs on a red background in an Impress orthodontic clinic.

Large network of clinics

We have more than 110 clinics in Europe and the US so you can visit us whenever you need to, no matter where you are.

Start your personalised treatment

Book your first free appointment and enjoy the benefits of Impress treatments.

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Trust in our team of professionals

Our team of orthodontists will help you achieve the healthiest and straightest teeth so you can show them off with pride.

Dr. Richard Marques

Clinical Director

Dr. Kjeld Aamodt

Orthodontist & Co-founder

Dr. Estela Arias

Medical Director at Impress in Spain

Dra. Mónica Fuguet


Get the best price for the treatment tailored for you

Your orthodontic check-up will determine which level of treatment you need. We can help with most cases we’re presented with and provide comprehensive care pre- and post-treatment.

Impress Super Light

For mild cases, up to 3 months


For moderate cases, up to 6 months

Impress Plus

For moderate to complex cases, from 7-14 months

Impress Advanced

For complex cases, from 12-18 months

Payment type


/ month



60 instalments


What's included?

Impress App and 24/7 support

Available in the App Store and Google Play.

Unlimited clinic visits

Most follow-up visits during treatment can be done digitally, but you can come to the clinic for a check-up in person whenever you want.

Impress Kit with all aligners

The Impress Kit includes all the aligners needed for the treatment, a travel case, whitening foam, chewies and mouth retractor.

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