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Orthodontics for kids

Discover our preventive, interceptive and functional orthodontics for children

Why should your child undergo orthodontics?

The main reasons why a child should undergo interceptive, preventive or functional orthodontics are as follows:

  • To improve general appearance

  • To help prevent issues of severe malocclusion in the permanent dentition

  • To help disrupt bad habits such as thumb sucking, thus promoting proper development

  • To correct functional problems and speech

  • To prepare the child for corrective orthodontics in the future, if necessary, making the treatment quicker and more effective

Impress Kids orthodontic treatments can be started from the age of 7 

The ideal time to carry out this type of orthodontics for children is after the first molars have erupted and while the child is still growing.

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How can Impress Kids help to improve the health of your little ones?

Impress Kids consists of various types of interceptive, preventive and functional orthodontic treatments to suit the needs of our youngest patients.

Mandibular advancement

Our experts design an orthodontic plan for children with orthopaedic appliances adapted to each case.

Open bite

In cases of anterior open bite, treatments with habit breaking devices allow us to rectify the bite, preventing future cases of severe malocclusion.

Palatal expansion

With the help of a palate expander, we can correct narrow palate problems in children.

Maxillary advancement

The aim of these orthodontic treatments for children is to shift the upper jaw forward with the help of a face mask.

How does Impress Kids work?

Treatments take place in several stages and we do our best throughout the whole process to make the children’s orthodontic treatment enjoyable for both yourself and your child.

Initial consultation and diagnosis

We have a team of professionals with experience in orthodontics for children who, with the help of the most advanced technology, will carry out all the necessary tests for a correct diagnosis.

Designing the personalised treatment plan

We design unique treatments adapted to each case. To do this, our team analyses each case individually and proposes orthodontic treatments suited to each child.

Digital follow-ups from wherever you are

The treatment can be monitored both in the clinic and via our app, so that you and your family can maintain your routine and any of the activities you have planned.

Start of corrective treatment

Once the treatment is completed and all permanent teeth have erupted, your child can begin the corrective orthodontic phase with Impress Teens. Thanks to Impress Kids, this second phase will be much faster and more effective.

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At Impress, we have a team of experts who have extensive experience in orthodontics.

Your child’s health is our priority

Our aim is to help your child develop a healthy and functional bite.

Collaboration is key

The collaboration of both child and parents is key to the success of the treatment.

Specific treatment plans to suit the needs of your little ones


Medical team with more than 15 years of experience

Unlimited clinic visits


Professional medical support

Safer and faster treatments for children

Team with experience in orthodontics for kids

Digital monitoring via the app

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Your child can start treatment in one clinic and finish it in another if necessary.

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Book a free appointment to receive a detailed personalised plan

Get the best price for the treatment your child needs

During the free orthodontic check-up we will determine which level of treatment your child needs. We can help with most cases we’re presented with and provide comprehensive care pre- and post-treatment.

Treatment duration: up to 6-12 months

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60 instalments


What's included?

Impress App and 24/7 support

Available in the App Store and Google Play.

Unlimited clinic visits

Most follow-up visits during treatment can be done digitally, but your child can come to the clinic for a check-up in person whenever you want.

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Impress Experience

Medical team

Your child’s health comes first, so choosing a good specialist is important. That’s why at Impress we have a team of dental professionals with more than 15 years of experience in orthodontics for kids.


At Impress we have the most advanced technology in the sector. During the treatment we use a 3D scanner to assess your child’s oral health and create a video simulation to show you their future teeth.


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