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The Impress methodology: 5 key factors to understanding the invisible orthodontic revolution

12 January · 6 minutes

The modernisation of the invisible orthodontics sector, traditionally anchored in the analogue, is the key to understanding the growth we have experienced at Impress in recent years. Innovation combined with high quality treatments and a specialised medical team are some of the key factors that allow us to explain this paradigm shift in the industry.

If you have any concerns about whether Impress treatments are for you, this is who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we do it so that you can understand the key to our treatments, make a decision and be part of the more than 50,000 smiles that have already joined the invisible orthodontic revolution.

First of all, what is Impress?

Impress is synonymous with state-of-the-art digital orthodontics. We have a network of dental clinics specialising in invisible orthodontics with a vast team of experts, including orthodontists with more than 15 years of experience. We are pioneers in the field of digital orthodontics, as our patients can perform their treatment follow-ups remotely, without having to come to our clinics.

We offer high quality invisible orthodontic treatments, using the latest technology, at very competitive prices, which has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors in each of the countries in which we are present.

How was the invisible orthodontics revolution born?

Our story is brief but intense. We have managed to become leaders in the invisible orthodontics sector in just a few years. In February 2019, with the opening of the headquarters and first clinic in Barcelona, we took our first steps into the competitive sector with a new and innovative proposal.

Since then, with determination and perseverance, we have not stopped growing. After the opening of the first clinic in Barcelona, we have taken the innovation of our treatments to more than 130 clinics in 8 different countries, making the smile of more than 50,000 patients a reality.

At Impress we aim to continue growing, on the one hand, to open more clinics in the markets in which we are already present to continue offering our patients an increasingly extensive network; and on the other hand, to expand to new countries and be able to offer our innovative treatments to more patients.

A young man inserting his invisible aligners by hand.

A unique mission: to revolutionise the sector

Since the beginning, we have pursued the mission of revolutionising the invisible orthodontics sector. By combining the experience of traditional orthodontics with the most cutting-edge technology and innovation on the market, we have managed to offer treatments and follow-ups that are unique in the sector, which has helped us to become a leading chain.

At Impress we are committed to innovation and the constant digitalisation of orthodontic treatments. That’s why in our clinics you will always find the latest technology, to offer our patients the best treatments without disrupting their lifestyle.

Awards and recognition for unstoppable growth

Rapid growth, innovative business proposition and a revolutionary product have put us in the spotlight for numerous awards and recognitions. These are some of the most relevant we have received during our intense trajectory:

  • Top 10 Startups 2021, according to Linkedin
  • Top fastest-growing HealthTech companies, according to Forbes
  • Top 20 Spanish startups to follow in 2022, according to Sifted
  • Winner Loop Design Awards 2021
  • Innovation in the healthcare space, by American International Innovation Design Awards 2022
  • One of the most innovative companies, by Barcelona Dental Show Congress 2021
  • One of the best start-ups of 2021, by Expansi√≥n
  • Orthodontic Treatment of the Year at the Beauty and Aesthetics Awards 2022, by La Raz√≥n

The Impress methodology

After learning about the origins of Impress and how it has grown, we will now explain the keys to our methodology. Our model is based on five main pillars:

  • Cutting-edge technology in the sector
  • Specialised medical team
  • Follow-up digitalisation
  • Unique clinic experience
  • Patient at the centre of the whole process

Use of cutting-edge technology in the sector

To provide the best experience and results for our patients, in our Impress clinics we use the most advanced technology in the sector throughout the treatment.

Digitisation is the key to diagnosis. It has allowed us to not only speed up the process, but also avoid errors such as those that may arise due to the variability of materials like plaster, which was traditionally used to make orthodontic molds.

On the other hand, the use of the most advanced devices during the diagnostic phase enables us to reduce assessment times, facilitate the design of a more precise treatment and speed up the production phase of the aligners. Additionally, in the monitoring phase, the use of digital tools allows us to evaluate each case remotely.

Below we mention some of the most relevant technological tools we use at Impress:

3D scan

The use of the latest scanner technology and the most cutting-edge equipment on the market allows us to remain at the forefront of the sector and offer a better service to patients. That’s why all Impress clinics have a 3D scanner with which we obtain a detailed, precise and in-depth image of the oral cavity.

The 3D scan, together with the X-rays that are performed during the first visit, are key to guaranteeing the medical rigour that characterises Impress treatments. A complete assessment of the mouth and teeth is essential to be able to start treatment completely safely and with guarantees of success.

Doctor and patient pointing to the screen which shows the 3D scan of the mouth of the patient.

Video simulation

With the information obtained from the 3D scan, patients receive a video simulation of their future smile a few days after their first visit.

This is one of the main technological innovations of the Impress methodology, as the video simulation allows patients to see in 3D a representation of how their smile will evolve from the first visit until the end of the treatment. In other words, before starting treatment, you will be able to see what the final result will look like!

3D printing of the aligners

The information extracted from the 3D scan is also the basis for the 3D printing of the aligners. Using the information from the scanner, the aligner moulds are thermoformed, cut out, laser marked and packaged so that you can receive them at home.

This process is carried out with fully integrated hardware and software, which allows the process to be carried out with total automation and precision in order to obtain quality and resistant aligners.

Impress’ various alliances with leading companies in the technology and 3D printing sector also enables us to offer more transparent aligners, a significant advantage over our competitors.

A specialised medical team

The second pillar of the Impress methodology is the medical team. At Impress we have a specialised team, made up of hygienists, dentists and, of course, orthodontists - some with more than 15 years of experience in the invisible orthodontics sector.

The broad sector expertise of our medical team allows us to work with almost any case, regardless of its complexity, achieving optimal results. Furthermore, having an extensive medical team allows us to both accompany and supervise the patient throughout, guaranteeing results and avoiding risks associated with treatments that do not have professional supervision, such as orthodontic, dental, functional or aesthetic problems which may be irreparable for the patient.

Follow-up digitalisation: we adapt to your lifestyle

The third pillar upon which the invisible orthodontics revolution is based is digital monitoring. Using the Impress mobile app, we can carry out the regular scans necessary to monitor treatment. Our patients can also consult with the medical team digitally whenever they need to.

This digital consultation process reduces the number of visits to the clinic and saves our patients time spent travelling or waiting.

Additionally, through the app, we can notify the patient if the treatment is not going as expected. When a tooth does not move as planned or the alignment is not correctly adjusted, an orthodontist will assess it through the app and inform the patient if it is necessary to visit a clinic.

Doctor shows a patient who is holding their aligner the Impress app.

A unique experience in our clinics

Another difference between Impress and its competitors is the architectural and interior design of its clinics. Impress’ own clinics have a fresh approach to the market, far removed from the chromatic clichés of a conventional dental clinic, and with a much younger, warmer atmosphere.

At Impress we do not want patients to associate their visits to our clinics with the fear of going to the dentist. Instead, we want our patients to feel more comfortable and enjoy a unique experience. That’s why we aim to turn the clinic into a friendly and pleasant space, without the clinical whites and impersonality of conventional dental practices.

The patient always at the centre

The entire Impress methodology is aimed at patient satisfaction and comfort at all stages: from the first visit to even after the orthodontic treatment has been completed.

During the first visit, you will always be seen by an expert who will assess your case in the most appropriate way so that you can make a decision which is advised by a professional.

We also aim for comfort during treatment. That is why we offer painless and invisible orthodontic treatments, with aligners that can be removed when necessary.

Digital monitoring allows us to reduce the number of visits to the clinic, thus making the treatment easier to manage and adapt to the lifestyle of each patient. Additionally, we have more and more clinics of our own and partner with dental practices throughout the region to avoid long journeys for our patients when required.

In many of our clinics we offer dental procedures complementary to orthodontics, so that you can have them done in the same clinic as your orthodontic treatment. In addition, we also offer post-treatment subscription models, so that your new smile remains intact when your treatment is completed.

Impress advantages

The five pillars that support the innovative Impress methodology provide a series of advantages when it comes to achieving a perfect smile, which allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and offer our patients a unique experience and service:

  • Treatments for all ages: As we have a specialised medical team, we can offer various types of treatments such as Impress Kids, Impress Teens, Impress Advanced and Impress treatments for adults, so we can work with almost any case regardless of the patient's age.
  • A vast network of clinics: You can start your treatment in one clinic and finish it in another, as well as having a completely different experience to that of a conventional clinic.
  • Continuous medical care: Thanks to digital monitoring, we can offer you medical assistance through the app 7 days a week.
  • All-inclusive treatments: We offer different prices depending on the complexity of the case, but always with the whole treatment included and without unexpected costs.
  • Affordable prices and financing options: As we have no intermediaries, Impress is able to offer honest, transparent prices. We also have various financing options available so you can pay in comfortable instalments.
The Impress box with a girl next to it holding her aligners case.

Start your treatment with Impress

During the first visit, we carry out a complete oral examination and perform the X-rays and 3D scan necessary to design your treatment plan. Furthermore, during this first visit, the specialists will determine if it is necessary to undergo any type of procedure prior to orthodontics, to ensure that the treatment is performed under optimal conditions.

If you would like to start Impress orthodontic treatment, you can get in touch with the team at your nearest Impress clinic. Book your free consultation online, by telephone on +442038081072 or via WhatsApp.

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