New developments and recent dental innovations: Dentistry industry trends for 2024

03 January · 4 minutes

The dental sector is undergoing a paradigm shift in processes, treatments offered, and business models, driven by technological advances and the impact of COVID-19. This transformation has been brewing for a few years and will be consolidated in 2024, as dentistry industry trends continue to evolve. If you aspire to advance as a dental professional in 2024, staying updated on sector trends and the future of dentistry is critical. This article is designed to help you do just that.

Expansion of cosmetic dentistry

The growth of cosmetic dental treatments is a current trend in dentistry for 2024. According to the "Cosmetic Dentistry Market: Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact and Forecasts" study by Mordor Intelligence, this market is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 7.1% until 2025. As individuals become increasingly focused on their appearance, dental aesthetics has emerged as a key factor in achieving a pleasing look. Consequently, treatments aimed at enhancing the smile's appearance have seen a surge in popularity in recent years‚ÄĒand are hot topics in dentistry. Teeth whitening and veneers are among the most popular cosmetic dental treatments, both of which are offered at Impress clinics to help patients achieve a confident smile.

Doctor performing professional teeth whitening on a patient.

Advancement of digital dentistry

Digital dentistry is a recent advancement in dental care that continues to gain momentum and has significant potential for innovations in dental. Research by Fortune Business Insights indicates that digitalization is a leading factor in the growth of the dental industry. The study highlights that dental innovations that enhance treatment quality, streamline professional workflows, and improve the clinical experience for patients have accelerated industry growth. The incorporation of advanced dental technologies like 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence is crucial for the future expansion of digital dentistry, as we will explore below.

Revolutionizing advancements in the dental industry: 3D printing innovation

The future of dentistry: The rapid growth of 3D printing in the dental sector is due to its low costs and quick production capabilities. Markets and Markets have predicted an annual growth rate of 20.2% since 2022, expected to continue through to 2027. The precision and versatility of 3D printing technology allow for the creation of intricate dental parts using various materials, much faster than traditional manufacturing methods. Impress utilizes 3D printing to produce dental aligners with exceptional accuracy, strength and quality for our patients.

Doctor handing a patient an aligner with their 3D scan in the background.

Latest dentistry trend: the surge in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the key advancements that is driving digital transformation in dentistry, with its increasing adoption due to the benefits it provides in terms of more efficient and accurate diagnoses, treatments, and follow-ups. This current trend in dentistry has reduced time and increased precision compared to traditional methods.

AI has numerous applications in the dental sector, and as the technology evolves, more applications will continue to digitize the industry. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Virtual assistants trained to meet the needs of dentists, streamlining workflow
  • Retrieving and analyzing patient histories using pattern-detecting algorithms to identify patient lesions or infections accurately
  • Smart toothbrushes that collect patient information and provide practitioners with data on patients' brushing habits
  • Intraoral and extraoral X-ray analyses, which can reduce the time and effort professionals spend on dental charting by up to 70%, according to an FDA study.

The growth of teledentistry

Teledentistry is one of the current hot topics in dentistry that has experienced a significant increase in demand since the COVID-19 pandemic, and is predicted to continue to grow until 2030, as stated in a study by Research and Markets.

With the need to maintain oral health and reduce in-person visits, dental professionals are relying on technology to interact with patients through check-ups and follow-ups remotely. It's important to note that teledentistry cannot completely replace face-to-face appointments, especially for diagnosis and certain treatments. However, teledentistry offers the convenience of virtual visits from home, saving patients travel and waiting time, while also providing greater accessibility for those with mobility issues or living in remote areas. Mobile applications have become one of the most popular ways to offer teledentistry services, such as the Impress app, which enables patients to have remote consultations and follow-ups for their treatment.

Flat lay display of the Impress kit. 

The environment and dentistry: a recent trend

The increasing concern over climate change among Americans has prompted businesses to take action and reduce their environmental impact. This recent trend has also affected the future of the dentistry industry, as patients are increasingly considering a clinic's eco-friendliness when choosing a provider, especially younger generations. Implementing sustainable policies not only benefits the environment, but also positively portrays the dental practice and can lead to waste reduction, improved energy efficiency, and cost savings. At Impress clinics, we have already taken steps to promote sustainability by using aligners made of recyclable plastic materials for our invisible orthodontic treatments. Once these aligners are no longer needed, they can be repurposed for fuel, other industries, or soil treatments.

Innovative rise of chains in the dental sector

The growth of dental groups is a trend transforming the dentistry industry. With more dentistry graduates the competition between clinics and finding a dental group with better benefits has risen as well. This has led to intense competition between traditional clinics, resulting in lower wages and more affordable treatments. However, dental chains are taking advantage of their high turnover to operate with better margins, leading to a gradual increase in their market share. Additionally, technological innovations in dentistry like Impress's invisible aligner model have created new business opportunities. This has created an environment where dental chains are thriving while traditional clinics face increasing instability.

As a result, many dental professionals are choosing to join larger companies, either as employees or by associating their clinics with dental chains. By doing so, they can improve processes and offer new treatments without significant investments. The growth of dental chains presents an opportunity for dentists to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. In October of 2022, dental clinic groups grew by 22%, compared to the previous year.

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