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Impress — Modern orthodontics

Treatments led by expert doctors using the latest technology

A treatment developed to address the most complex cases

Results after only 6 months

Patented technology

The experts are here

Our team is made up of doctors with 15+ years of experience

110+ clinics in
7 countries

Transparent aligners

AI-based application

Treatments designed to help you achieve your goals

Clear aligners for adults

Clear aligners for teens

Professional teeth whitening

Clear retainers

Team of expert professionals

Morgan Rigsby, DDS, MS, MHS


Lindsey Campbell

Orthodontic Assistant

Kjeld Aamodt DDS, MS

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

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What's the difference between Impress and other brands that offer clear aligners?

We're not just any orthodontic office. Our team of expert doctors paired with our patented Root Diagnostic Technology allows us to deliver unmatched care that is safe, seamless, and faster.

Where are your clinics located?

We're constantly expanding! At the moment, we have clinics in several cities in the US and Europe.

Do your clear aligners work on all orthodontic issues?

We treat a variety of orthodontic problems including overbite, crossbite, crowding, and gaps. From mild to complex smile cases, Impress can align them all.

Can I start invisible orthodontic treatment if I have had braces in the past?

Of course! Many of our patients have had braces in the past. Most of them come to us because their teeth have shifted or because they didn't get the smile they wanted with their initial treatment.


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