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Impress clear aligners

Achieve straighter teeth with our expertise, innovation, and cutting-edge technology

Orthodontic treatment designed for your lifestyle


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Effective even for complex cases

Results in as little as 6 months

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Woman smiles and shows her aligned teeth.A woman smiles and shows an Impress aligner on a red background.A woman smiles while holding her Impress aligners.Woman shows her aligned teeth while smiling.Woman smiles and shows her aligned teeth.A woman smiles and shows an Impress aligner on a red background.A woman smiles while holding her Impress aligners.Woman shows her aligned teeth while smiling.


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Doctor Kjeld Aamodt shows a set of Impress aligners.

AI-based application

An Impress aligner kit and a cell phone with the Impress app.

How do Impress’ orthodontic clear aligner treatments work?

At Impress our orthodontic invisible aligner treatments combine expert doctors and advanced technology.

An Impress doctor shows a patient their 3D scan.


Complimentary consultation

We take a CBCT X-ray and 3D scan of your smile to see your teeth from the roots up to ensure you are in optimal health before starting clear aligner treatment.

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An X-ray image shows the planned movements of a custom Impress treatment.


Customized treatment plan

Our doctors will create your customized treatment and explain how our clear aligners work in achieving your smile goals.

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The beginning of treatment

Your Impress kit will be delivered to your home or wherever you would like. Our team will contact you to let you what the next steps will be to start your journey towards healthy and straight teeth.

The teeth scanning feature in the Impress app.


Follow-ups & check-ins

Your dedicated doctor will monitor the progress of your treatment. Weekly remote check-ins will monitor your progress between your in-person clinic visits.

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Show your teeth!

Once you have finished your treatment with our clear aligners, you can maintain the results with Impress retainers.

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Why choose Impress for orthodontic dental aligner treatment?

At Impress we offer customized, tech-enhanced clear aligner treatments:

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We have a medical team who are highly experienced and specialize in clear aligners. This allows us to treat even the most complex smile cases.

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A young woman smiles while holding a pair of Impress aligners.
A young man puts in a pair of Impress aligners.

Customized treatments

Every smile is unique—that’s why our doctors design custom treatment plans tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

An Impress 3D scan of a patient´s teeth on a screen.
A 3D scanner at an Impress clinic.
A 3D model of a set of teeth featuring the planned movements of an Impress treatment.

Advanced technology

We use state-of-the-art technology for precise and accurate diagnosis—which results in faster treatment times.

A male patient holds his Impress aligner box and a cell phone.
A female patient takes scans of her treatment for the Impress app.
A male patient undergoing a dental treatment at an Impress clinic.

Remote check-ins

On average, patients visit our clinics 2-5 times over the course of treatement. To supplement the follow-ups between, we use our AI-optimized mobile app to track your progress.

An Impress orthodontic treatment room
A red dental chair in an Impress orthodontic clinic.
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Network of clinics

We have over 110 clinics throughout Europe and in the U.S. so you can visit us, no matter where you are.

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Team of expert professionals

Our team of orthodontists will help you achieve the healthiest and straightest teeth so you can show them off with pride.

Morgan Rigsby, DDS, MS, MHS


Lindsey Campbell

Orthodontic Assistant

Kjeld Aamodt DDS, MS

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

We deliver expert orthodontic care at the best price

We’ll determine the complexity of your smile during your free consultation.

Impress Super Light

Up to 3 months for mild cases


4-10 months for moderate cases

Impress Plus

11-14 months for moderate cases

Impress Advanced

11-24 months for complex cases

Payment type

low as

/ month



60 installments

What’s included?

Expert care, anywhere with our mobile app

Available in the App Store and Google Play.

In-person visits with licensed doctors

Most follow-up visits during treatment can be done digitally, but you can come to the clinic for a check-up in person whenever you want.

Impress kit with all aligners

The Impress Kit includes all the aligners needed for the treatment, travel case, whitening foam, chewies and mouth retractor.

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Based on approved credit. See office for full details.

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