Maintain your smile results with Impress clear retainers

Our invisible removable retainers maintain the healthy, confident smile you achieved during your orthodontic treatment.

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How do our clear dental retainers work?


Night-time only

Impress invisible retainers only need to be worn at night while you sleep.


Customized for every smile

Whether you are an Impress patient or not, our clear dental retainers can be 3D printed for any smile.


Choose what works best for you

Sign up for our subscription plan or buy a set of one-off retainers.

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Subscription for Impress patients

  • 2 sets of clear removable retainers for 1 year

  • Access to the Impress mobile app and 24/7 support

  • First consultation

  • 3D intraoral scan

  • 360º CBCT X-ray

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Impress clear dental retainer FAQs

Do I need to use my transparent retainers every night?

In order to prevent relapse or movement of your teeth post-treatment, it is essential to wear your clear plastic retainers every night.

Why should I change out my invisible retainer?

Over time, clear plastic retainers lose their shape and get worn out. To maintain your smile, we recommend you change out your retainers every six months.

What is the advantage of subscribing to Impress retainer plans?

Our retainer subscription gives you 360º service. You will have access to our Care Team, via the Impress app, who will provide you with top-notch support.

If I am not an Impress patient, can I still purchase a retainer subscription?

Yes, our retainer subscriptions are available to anyone.

How long do I need to wear retainers for?

In order to maintain your smile results, we recommend wearing your invisible retainers at night for a lifetime.


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