How do our clear aligners work?


Before your treatment

CBCT X-ray

We take a CBCT X-ray of your smile to see your teeth from the roots up to ensure you are in optimal health before starting treatment.

3D scan

Using 3D scan technology, we are able to get a detailed image of your teeth.

Consultation with experts

Our doctors will create your customized treatment and explain how our aligners work in achieving your smile goals.


During your treatment

Arrival of your aligners

Your kit will be delivered right to your door.

App follow-up

We use our app to check-in weekly, track your progress, and monitor how your treatment with clear aligners is working.

In-person appointments

2-5 clinic visits to check in on progress and have additional procedures like attachments or IPR.


After your treatment


Nighttime retainers will help you to protect your smile

Healthier teeth

Adopt a new dental hygiene routine that improves your oral health.

Smile risk free

Show off your best smile!

Book a free consultation

Still have questions?

Can I start a treatment without the X-ray or 3D scan?

No, they're necessary for treatment. With both our team can determine the plan that is most suitable for you.

How do your clear aligners work during the treatment?

Aligners work by exerting a calibrated and controlled force on the teeth. This small pressure causes the teeth to gradually move into the desired position.

Can I start my treatment in one country or city and then finish it in another?

Of course! At Impress we offer the option to start your treatment in one city or country and then finish it anywhere else we have clinics.

How can I ensure my clear aligner results last?

In order for you to maintain results, we highly encourage using your retainers correctly.


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