Professional teeth whitening

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Why Impress is the best choice for in-clinic teeth whitening services

Impress Opalescence Boost™ professional teeth whitening is safe and clinically proven.

Expert providers

Our team of professionals have experience in dental whitening treatments and will help you achieve the best results.

Clinically proven

We use an innovative, clinically proven professional teeth whitening product called Opalescence Boost, which yields fast, visible results.

Customized treatment

Your clinician will set your tooth shade for your sensitivity—which helps with the comfort of treatment.

Ready to have visibly brighter teeth?

We deliver effective professional treatment in the security of expert hands.

Removes common stains

Innovative and clinically proven

More than 50,000 happy patients

Expert dentist-led teeth whitening treatment

Brighten your teeth

Completely safe

Brighter teeth in just one session

What to expect at your teeth whitening appointment

With our in-clinic professional teeth whitening treatment you can achieve a brighter smile in just one session.


Take a before photo

Before applying the whitening gel, we will take a before photo to capture a pre-whitening photo.


We apply Opalescense Boost™

Whitening gel is applied evenly to achieve optimal results for one to three 20 minute cycles included in your same-day appointment.



We will evaluate the shade change of each application and any sensitivity.


Remove the teeth whitening

After the final cycle, the whitening is carefully removed so there is no damage to the gums.



Visit us every 3-6 months for our professional teeth whitening treatment to keep your smile bright.

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Brighter teeth in just one session

Premium teeth whitening at the right price

Professional teeth whitening treatment tailored to your needs

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What’s included?

In-clinic teeth assessment with an expert

One of our clinical specialists will ensure your teeth are in optimal shape to begin treatment.

75-minute teeth whitening

One to three 20 minute sessions to achieve optimal results without sensitivity issues.

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Based on approved credit. See office for full details.

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