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For a more confident back-to-school smile

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Impress Teens clear aligners: confidence starts here

Impress clear aligners are a healthy alternative to braces for teens.

Treatment, your way

Impress Teens orthodontic treatment is customized for your lifestyle.


Less painful

50,000+ aligned smiles

Visible results in as little
as 6 months

Get smiling today


Fewer office visits

Mobile app

The time is now to align your teen's smile

Give your teenager the healthy, confident smile they deserve.

Teen growth phase

Orthodontic treatment is most commonly started when the permanent teeth have erupted and all the baby teeth have fallen out. We use the recommendation from the AAO that kids' growth and development should be evaluated at the age of 7.

Change that lasts

Teenagers have more pliable jaw bones making it easier to move teeth, shape the smile, and correct bites for long-lasting change.

Clearly discreet

Without wires, no one will suspect that you’re getting treatment - our clear aligners are nearly invisible to the eye.


Ana’s Impress experience




6 months


I was scared of having an orthodontic treatment done because I didn't want to wear braces. With Impress's invisible orthodontics, I was wearing the treatment and my friends didn't even notice! It's been a relief to be able to take them out for eating and brushing my teeth.

My daughter was very sure she wanted to wear clear aligners

For me, this treatment has been great because I have been able to follow the whole process from home with the application, without having to go to the clinic. I am delighted to see how my daughter smiles without complications and with confidence.

How does orthodontic treatment for teens work at Impress?

At Impress, our clear aligners for teens are designed to create healthy, confident smiles and reduce the inconveniences of traditional orthodontics.


The free consult and diagnosis

You will meet 1:1 with a licensed doctor to have an oral and dental examination with our state-of-the-art technology. They will complete a detailed analysis of your teeth from the roots up.

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Customized treatment plan

An experienced doctor will precisely plan how each of your teeth will move during your in-person consultation and monitor your progress throughout treatment.


Starting treatment

Once your customized 3D aligners have been delivered to your home, you will receive instructions on how to begin treatment.


Fewer office visits

Traditional orthodontics requires 24-36 visits over the course of treatment. At Impress, treatment requires 3-5 in-person visits and weekly smartphone app check-ins, so you'll miss less school or work.


Completing treatment

Once treatment is finished, you can maintain your smile results with an Impress retainer.

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The right price for your teen’s clear aligners

To make treatment even more affordable we accept insurance coverage up to $2,000, FSA and HSA, and have monthly payment plan options.

Payment type

low as

/ month



60 installments

What’s included?

Expert care, anywhere with our mobile app

Available in the App Store and Google Play.

In-person visits with licensed doctors

Most follow-up visits can be done via our mobile app, but you can schedule in-person check-ups whenever you'd like.

Impress kit with all aligners

The Impress Kit includes all the aligners needed for the treatment, travel case, whitening foam, chewies and mouth retractor.

How is orthodontic treatment for teens different from treatment for adults?

We may recommend wearing rubber bands, start treatment before all teeth have erupted, add a pause phase during treatment to allow permanent teeth to erupt, or collaborate with other specialists.

There is more in-depth monitoring to track the progress of the teen orthodontic treatment.

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Based on approved credit. See office for full details.

Start treatment as soon as all permanent teeth have grown in

Once all baby teeth have fallen out and permanent teeth have grown in is the perfect time to begin Impress Teen clear aligner treatment.

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Straighter teeth. Now, faster than ever.

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