The Impress way: 5 reasons why we are the leading provider in clear aligners

26 January · 5 minutes

The modernization of the clear aligner industry is the starting point for understanding the growth we have experienced at Impress over the past few years. Innovation combined with high quality orthodontic treatments and a specialized medical team, are some of the key reasons we have been able to pave our own way in the industry.

What is Impress?

Impress is synonymous with state-of-the-art digital orthodontics. We have clinics specializing in clear aligners with a team of expert clinicians, including orthodontists with more than 15 years of experience aligning smiles. We are pioneers in the field of tech-enhanced orthodontics, as our patients’ treatments are supplemented with remote check-ins via our mobile app.

We use the latest 3D imaging technology and CBCT x-rays to allow us to align teeth quickly and precisely, at a very competitive price. This has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors in each of the countries we have clinics in.

What is the origin of the clear aligner revolution?

In February 2019, we opened our first Impress clinic and headquarters in Barcelona.

Since our inception, with determination and perseverance, we have continued to grow our business. After the opening of the first clinic, we have taken the innovation of our treatments to more than 130 clinics in eight different countries‚ÄĒand have aligned over 50,000 smiles.

At Impress, it is our goal to continue to open more modern clinics in new markets to deliver healthy, confident smiles to more people and to continue expanding into new countries where tech-enhanced clear aligners are not available.

A young man is putting on his clear aligners

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the industry

By redesigning the traditional orthodontic experience and adding the most cutting-edge technology and innovation on the market, we have curated customized orthodontic treatment plans that are unlike any other offerings in the market. This has allowed us to become the leading provider of orthodontic treatment.

At Impress we are committed to innovation and continual improvements of our orthodontic treatments. That is why you will always find the latest technology in our clinics. This allows us to offer our patients the best treatments without disrupting their lifestyle.

Impress(ive) awards and recognition

Rapid growth, innovative business proposition, and a revolutionary product have put Impress in the spotlight for numerous awards. Here are some of the most recent highlights:

  • Top 10 Startups 2021, according to LinkedIn
  • Top fastest-growing HealthTech companies, according to Forbes
  • Top 20 Spanish startups to follow in 2022, according to Sifted
  • Winner Loop Design Awards 2021
  • Innovation in the Healthcare Space, by American International Innovation Design Awards 2022
  • One of the most innovative companies, by Barcelona Dental Show Congress 2021
  • One of the best start-ups of 2021, by Expansi√≥n
  • Orthodontic Treatment of the Year at the Beauty and Aesthetics Awards 2022, by La Raz√≥n

The Impress way

Let’s dive into the keys of our methodology at Impress. Our business model is based on five key pillars:

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Expert clinical team
  • Remote mobile app check-ins
  • Modern clinic experience
  • Patient-centric care

Cutting-edge technology

In order to provide the best experience and results for our patients, our Impress clinics have the latest and most advanced technology available in the market.

We have found that digitization of treatment is the key to diagnosis. Our Impress Lab Technology has allowed us to speed up the teeth alignment process and avoid errors traditional orthodontics could not.

Additionally, the use of advanced devices during the diagnostic phase of treatment, enables us to reduce assessment time, facilitate the 3D design of treatment, and expedite printing of our custom clear aligners. The use of our mobile app also allows us to evaluate patients on a weekly basis remotely from the comfort of their home.

Here are some of the tools we use to make treatment more technologically-enhanced at Impress:

3D scanner

All of our clinics have a 3D scanner. The 3D scanner allows us to obtain detailed, precise and in-depth imaging of the oral cavity.

Every single patient who visits an Impress clinic in the US will have a 3D scan performed at their free consultation. It is a key part of guaranteeing the medical rigour that characterizes Impress treatments.

Doctor and patient during a consultation with a 3D scan of the patient's mouth

CBCT X-ray

In addition to the 3D scan, every patient also takes a 360¬ļ CBCT X-ray. This specific type of x-ray takes images of a patient's skull from the neck up. We superimpose this imaging on top of the 3D scan to get a comprehensive look at the teeth from the roots up.

3D printing

Once we have both the 3D scan and the CBCT X-ray, we are able to design a patient’s custom aligner treatment. Our 3D printing is carried out with our Impress Lab Technology designed in-house by our expert engineers and used by our licensed clinicians who will design each stage of aligners.

Our aligners are 3D cut precisely to fit just your teeth and do not cover your gums, making them more invisible to the eye and comfortable to wear. Our cuts also help with avoiding any chance of gum recession or inflammation.

Additionally, Impress aligners are made with a tough polymer backbone that has a reputation for being crack resistant‚ÄĒand are BPA and phthalate free‚ÄĒmaking them safe for every age.

Expert clinical team

The second pillar that makes treatment at Impress exceptional is our expert clinical team. At Impress we have a specialized team made of dentists and orthodontists‚ÄĒsome with more than 15 years of experience in clear aligner treatments.

The broad range of expertise our clinical team has allows us to align any case regardless of its complexity. Furthermore, we are able to supply our patients with expert supervision throughout treatment. This guarantees optimal results and avoids any risks associated with orthodontic treatments that do not have professional supervision.

Remote mobile app check-ins

The next pillar that sets us apart is our remote mobile app check-ins. The Impress mobile app allows our patients to submit weekly check-in photos so their expert clinician can oversee their treatment. Our patients are also able to consult with our clinical team remotely if they have any questions or concerns throughout their treatment. When a tooth does not move as planned or their alignment is not correct, their clinician will inform the patient via the app.

The use of our mobile app cuts down the number of in-person visits a patient has over the course of their treatment, allowing them to spend more time doing what they want instead of having clinic visits. On average, our patients visit an Impress clinic 3-5 times over the course of treatment.

Doctor shows a patient the Impress app while explaining a step of the clear aligner treatment

Modern clinic experience

At Impress, all of our clinics stand out from a traditional orthodontics clinic. We have individualized care suits where all your appointments take place in privacy. The designs of our clinics are elevated and modern, giving them a fresh atmosphere.

We no longer want to embrace the stigma of ‚Äúgoing to the orthodontist is scary‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒthat‚Äôs why we aim to create friendly, pleasant spaces with all of our clinic designs.

Patient-centric care

Patients always come first at Impress. We aim to deliver the ultimate experience and satisfaction at all stages of treatment.

During your free consultation, your expert doctor will work with you to hear your smile goals and then design customized a treatment plan that will achieve them.

Our treatments are designed to be comfortable throughout the course of them. That is why our 3D printed aligners are precisely cut and can be removed when necessary.

Additionally, remote monitoring via our mobile app reduces the number of visits a patient makes to a clinic. This makes treatment more adaptable to already busy patient lives.

The advantages of Impress

Here are the advantages of orthodontic treatment at Impress:

Orthodontic treatment for all ages: because we have a specialized clinical team, we offer orthodontic treatment for all ages‚ÄĒkids, teens, and adults.

  • Clinics in (most) major cities: you can start your orthodontic treatment in one clinic and finish it in another.
  • Continuous medical care: our mobile app monitoring allows you to have medical assistance seven days a week.
  • All-inclusive treatments: our treatment prices include all the aligners for your treatment, follow-up appointments, and a set of retainers for the end of treatment.
  • Affordable pricing and financing options: at Impress we offer honest, transparent pricing. We also have various financing options, accept insurance, and take FSA/HSA to make treatment even more affordable.
The Impress kit with a girl holding her aligner case 

Begin your smile journey with Impress

Let’s get you started on your journey towards a healthy, confident smile.

Ready to begin? See where the closest Impress clinic is to you. You can book your free consultation on our website, by phone at 888.490.1421, or emailing careteam@uniformteeth.com or by booking your initial consultation online.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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