Has your orthodontic clinic closed and you still haven't finished your treatment? We tell you what to do!

22 December · 3 minutes

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation that the clinic you started your treatment with has closed, don't worry, we are here to help.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why pursuing your orthodontic treatment with invisible aligners under medical supervision is essential, as well as the risks of doing it on your own and what to do to avoid it.

First thing’s first... the company you were doing your treatment with has closed, what should you do?

The news that the clinic where you began your invisible orthodontic treatment has closed may cause uncertainty and concern, and that’s understandable. In this situation, it is essential that, under no circumstances, you continue the treatment on your own. Orthodontic treatments are medical procedures, so the first step is to find a reliable alternative to ensure your treatment continues smoothly and safely.

Steps to follow when your orthodontics company closes

  • Continue wearing your last set of aligners to preserve the progress achieved and prevent any regression in teeth alignment, minimizing potential harm and the need for retreatment. But its important that you do not advance to the next set of aligners.
  • Prioritize your oral health: If experiencing discomfort such as gum issues, bleeding, or excessive toothaches, immediately prioritize your oral health by promptly scheduling a visit with a dental professional.
  • Obtain your medical records, if possible. Providing your new orthodontic team with a complete treatment history ensures a seamless transition and continuity of care.
  • Get a professional assessment from a licensed orthodontist.
  • Be ready to start a new journey: some professional orthodontists may agree to continue your existing treatment. However, for some patients, restarting the treatment from scratch may be necessary if it proves more beneficial for your teeth and overall health.

Why should you not pursue orthodontic treatment on your own?

Choosing to pursue your invisible orthodontic treatment on your own may seem like a quick fix, but it's important to understand why this choice can be risky. Carrying out orthodontic treatment at home without medical supervision can pose a series of risks to your oral health: from aesthetic ones, such as the loss of teeth or unwanted movements, to functional ones, such as problems when speaking or chewing.

Medical supervision is essential to adjust and adapt the treatment plan as necessary, ensuring that your teeth move safely and efficiently to the desired position. Only a professional can evaluate if you are ready to change to the next aligner and, under no circumstances, you can make this decision on your own.

Likewise, it’s essential that a specialist review the evolution of the treatment and assess whether it’s being done correctly. This is why, whether in person or digitally, orthodontic treatments should be evaluated every one or two weeks by an orthodontist.

Without the guidance of orthodontic professionals, you could face complications and not only not achieve the expected results, but the problem could even worsen.

Orthodontist shows an aligner to a patient at an Impress clinic.

What are the risks of pursuing aligner treatment on your own?

Below we’ll go over some of the risks that may arise from continuing your orthodontic treatment without medical supervision:

  • Misalignment and delay in progress:

The absence of medical supervision can lead to deviations in the progress of treatment. Teeth may not move as expected, resulting in dental misalignment and prolonging the duration of treatment.

  • Risk of damage to teeth:

Adjusting aligners or changing them without proper orientation can increase the risk of tooth damage. This risk includes fractures, chips, or even loss of teeth in extreme cases.

  • Infections and oral health problems:

Without proper monitoring, emerging oral health problems may go undetected. Infections or complications can go unnoticed, negatively affecting the success of treatment. Cavities or tooth sensitivity are some of the problems that can affect the teeth; Gingivitis, gum recession or worsening periodontitis are some of the problems that can affect the gums.

  • Undesired aesthetic results:

Lack of supervision can lead to unwanted aesthetic results, such as facial asymmetries or teeth that do not meet your expectations. There are also cases in which the teeth are visually aligned, but moving them has caused damage to the bite that can cause discomfort and other problems.

  • Functional risks

In addition to all the risks mentioned, unsupervised orthodontic treatment can also affect relevant vital functions, such as speaking, chewing, swallowing or even breathing.

Orthodontist holding an aligner at an Impress clinic.

Don't want to take risks? Count on Impress

At Impress, we offer comprehensive solutions with continuous medical supervision. If already started your treatment in another clinic and are seeking advice, come visit us to assess what we can do for you.

If you have not yet started your treatment, but are considering the option of starting it in a clinic that is no longer available, you should still visit us. We want to help you achieve healthy, straight teeth that allow you to feel confident and proud of your smile.

  • First consultation

On your first visit with us, an orthodontist will evaluate your case and perform all relevant tests. In addition, you will perform an oral examination at the clinic to ensure that your oral health is optimal to continue with the treatment.

  • Total personalization of treatment

At Impress we develop treatments 100% adapted to the needs of our patients. Thanks to the knowledge of our experts and the latest technology, we design invisible orthodontic treatments that allow you to achieve optimal results efficiently and safely.

  • Constant supervision by qualified professionals

At Impress we want you to know that we’re with you in each step of your treatment. An orthodontic specialist will manage and supervise your treatment at all times, making sure to prevent any type of complication that could occur. Whether in person or digitally, the treatment will be evaluated weekly or biweekly by an orthodontist so that you can get correction that goes beyond the visual and ensures you maintain good oral health.

  • An Impress clinic near you for when you need it

At Impress we have a wide network of clinics not only in the United States: we have more than 160 clinics in 8 countries around the world to always be close to you when you need it. In our state-of-the-art clinics you will find the cutting-edge technology, some of the most advanced in the field. And at your service, specialized professionals who are here to support you and address your questions or concerns before, during, and after treatment.

Impress, the solution to show your teeth safely

At Impress we are specialists in invisible orthodontic treatments with aligners to treat everything from mild to the most complex cases. We are aware of the importance of feeling comfortable with your teeth, that is why we want to help you show your teeth with confidence, without taking any type of risk.

If you want us to help you find a solution adapted specifically to you, your nearest Impress clinic with zero obligation and meet our team of professionals. You can make an appointment online, via email at careteam@uniformteeth.com, or by calling us at 888.490.1421.

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