Goodbye braces: how to straighten teeth without them

09 February · 5 minutes

You might have noticed that braces just aren’t as common anymore. Does this mean people now have naturally straighter teeth? In short, no. Luckily, there are other ways to straighten and fix your teeth without braces! And the decrease in braces you’re seeing is proof that people are choosing more modern orthodontic alternatives.

There are quite a few downsides to metal braces - they can be painful and are very noticeable. Many patients are looking for something more comfortable and discreet. In this article we’re going to go over the different options to straighten your teeth without braces so you can discover how to fix your crooked teeth or close your gap, painlessly and invisibly.

Ways to straighten and fix teeth without braces

Wondering how to get straight teeth without braces? Let’s check out the best ways to straighten your teeth or close a gap without the use of braces.

Historically, braces have been the most common orthodontic treatment, but that’s starting to change with new options to straighten your teeth without them.

Before you jump ahead to choosing a treatment option, you’ll need to start with getting a professional orthodontic diagnosis. You can do this by meeting with one of our expert doctors for your free consultation. There they will be able to note any teeth that are incorrectly positioned and check to make sure there aren’t any other serious dental or oral issues. Once you’ve been diagnosed, your doctor will prescribe a precise treatment that will straighten your teeth with or without braces. Now let’s look at the best option to straighten your teeth without braces.

Invisible aligners in orthodontics: straighten your teeth without braces

Everyone wants to know what the best option is when it comes to straightening their teeth without braces. The answer is: Invisible aligners. Whether you need to close a gap in your smile or fix crooked teeth, invisible aligners are the best orthodontic option to straighten your smile without braces. Aligners have countless advantages over other traditional orthodontic methods.

They are more comfortable, efficient, hygienic, and discreet than traditional orthodontics, making them the perfect teeth alignment system without braces. If you’re looking for a highly effective and nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces, Impress clear aligners are the way to go.

Woman is putting on her impress clear aligners with both hands

How to straighten your teeth without braces or aligners

Now, if you’re asking, “are there ways to straighten your teeth without braces or aligners?” There are technically a few other orthodontic devices that can be used to fix teeth or close a gap without the use of braces or aligners, although you should note that straightening teeth is not their main function.

First we have separators or spacers. These are small rubber or metal rings that go between your teeth to separate them. Typically people who need spacers use them before they start an orthodontic treatment, but in some cases they have been used as an alternative to braces and aligners to straighten teeth.

Next we have the transpalatal arch expanders. Expanders are interceptive orthodontic devices that are used to widen the palate or arch. They are traditionally utilized to fix impact teeth or crossbites. But they can also be used to fix crowded and crooked teeth without braces or aligners when there isn’t enough space. When the palate is too narrow, the expander allows for more space so that each tooth can fall into its intended place. Like spacers, expanders are normally used as a pre-treatment to braces or aligners.

Lastly, we have positioners. These are dental caps that have been made with minor modifications. Since they are elastic, they can cause minor shifts in the tooth’s placement. Positioners are meant to slightly adjust the mesh between the upper and lower jaw and help to fix teeth without braces, but they aren’t meant to align them.

These ways to straighten teeth without braces only work in very specific cases and can’t be utilized by all patients. You should always consult a professional to determine which treatment options are best suited for you and your smile. It’s also worth noting that these treatments aren’t nearly as discreet as invisible aligners.

Can veneers be used to straighten teeth?

You might have seen this question before: can veneers be used to straighten teeth? Ultimately, no. Veneers are a treatment purely for aesthetic purposes and do not correct any dental problems, instead they hide it. Veneers are placed over slightly crooked teeth so that you can no longer see them. Instead you see the veneer that is the desired size, color, and position.

Although it is a way to superficially “fix” the teeth without using braces, it only works in extremely mild cases of crooked teeth because they can’t do anything to straighten them - so it’s not really considered a teeth alignment option without the use of braces.

Additionally, veneers are more expensive than orthodontic treatment and require a thorough hygiene routine to avoid major problems. So, although veneers may seem like a quick fix, they really aren’t a viable option when it comes to straightening teeth without braces. In truth, veneers can’t be used to straighten teeth at all.

A doctor is showing a patient dental veneer samples 

Bite correction: how to fix a bite without braces

In addition to closing a gap, fixing crooked teeth, and straightening your smile, orthodontic treatment is also the most effective method to fix a bite, with or without braces. Whether you are wondering how to fix an overbite or crossbite, there are options to consider without the use of braces. Clear aligners are the only orthodontic devices that can fix your bite. Even when it comes to complex smile cases!

The transpalatal arch expander, as mentioned above, can also fix crossbites without braces by expanding the palate. This type of device is typically used in children, when it is easier to modify the bone structure.

Once again, veneers cannot be used as an option to fix bite issues without braces, since it’s only an aesthetic treatment and it can’t correct the position of the teeth or bones.

How much does it cost to straighten teeth without braces?

When it comes to achieving a healthy, confident smile, clear aligners are the best option to straighten teeth and fix bite issues without braces. However, are clear aligners less expensive than traditional orthodontics?

How much it costs to straighten teeth without braces can vary depending on the complexity of the smile case, as well as other factors like treatment time, the number of check-ups required, or the specific clinic and its location.

All these factors can have an effect on the price, but if you really want to know how much it costs to straighten teeth without braces in the US, the price usually ranges from $4,000 to $7,000 to get treated with invisible aligners, depending of course, on your insurance.

Impress invisible orthodontics, the best alternative to braces

Now you’re sure that you want to get straight teeth without braces, and you’re thinking you want invisible aligners, but who can you trust to give you the best treatment? Impress.

With Impress you’ll get the best treatment for your smile, all while enjoying all the benefits of the Impress methodology. With our revolutionary method, you can monitor your treatment from wherever you are with the Impress app. With this flexibility, treatment with Impress aligners won’t disrupt your lifestyle.

At Impress, we offer various types of personalized treatments that are tailored specially to your needs and the complexity of your case. Our plans also come with fixed prices, which means no surprises, plus we offer financing options, accept insurance, and take FSA/HSA.

We want you to focus on enjoying your smile, not changing your lifestyle.

If you are ready to get straight teeth without braces and show off a healthy, confident smile, book your free consultation and discover which clear aligner treatment level is right for you. You can book by calling 888.490.1421, emailing careteam@uniformteeth.com or by booking your initial consultation online. Discover what Impress can do for you at your nearest clinic.

We can't wait to see you smile!

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