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15 June · 3 minutes

Get ready to dive into a toothsome adventure as we unravel interesting dental facts that will leave you grinning from ear to ear! Whether you're a dedicated oral care aficionado or simply a curious explorer of the mysteries concealed within your smile, this blog post is your ticket to satisfying your thirst for dental trivia knowledge. Brace yourself for the top 10 fun teeth facts that are bound to make you smile wider than ever before! Let's get started:

Are you ready to become a teeth know-it-all? Here are our top 10 facts:

Dental fact #1: Tooth enamel is the hardest part of the body

The truth about your teeth is that they are even harder than bone! Although tooth enamel is hard, it can become porous due to demineralization making the teeth susceptible to plaque. This is why it’s so important to take care of your teeth.

Dental fact #2: Humans only get two sets of teeth

This interesting dental fact is true, but only for the lifetime of a human. Some animals, like dolphins, only get one set, and others, like sharks, can grow multiple sets. A shark grows around 40 sets of teeth!

Girl brushing teeth with a red toothbrush. 

Dental fact #3: ⅓ of your teeth are under your gums

This fun fact about your teeth is important to know if and when you have orthodontic treatment. Teeth are just like icebergs—there is so much more lying beneath the surface. It is incredibly important to know the positioning of your teeth before starting orthodontic treatment—that’s why at Impress, we take a 360º CBCT X-ray to view your teeth from the roots up.

Dental fact #4: Teeth are as unique as fingerprints

Just like fingerprints, every tooth in our mouth is completely unlike the rest or those of any other person on Earth. This means that every person’s bite or smile is completely special to them—now that is a great dental trivia fact!

Dental fact #5: Teeth are the only part of the human body that can’t repair itself

Unlike other parts of the human body, teeth cannot repair themselves. Teeth are coated in enamel, which is not a living tissue, so when it is gone, it is gone. It is important to keep this fact about your dental hygiene front of mind as brushing and flossing teeth is incredibly important because the human mouth contains more bacteria than there are people on earth!

Dental fact #6: Adults have 12 more teeth than babies

Babies' first set of teeth (also known as baby teeth) has 20 teeth. Then the second set of teeth (your adult teeth) has 32 teeth—this includes eight premolars that babies do not have that help adults chew and bite through food. Adults also (on average) have an additional four molars that help with thoroughly chewing food which aids with digestion.

Dental fact #7: Teeth are a part of the digestive system

Teeth play a vital role as the initial component of your digestive system. They are crucial for the first stage of food processing, converting it into molecules that your body can utilize. When your teeth are not in good health, it hinders your ability to efficiently break down food.

Hands holding a mold of teeth.

Dental fact #8: Healthy teeth are better able to resist decay

There’s a real reason you should visit your dentist every six months. The healthier your teeth are, the longer they will last, free of decay. In an Impress survey, 76% of people said they had caries (tooth decay) at least once, and 25% said they have had more than four!

Dental fact #9: When you don’t floss, you miss cleaning 35% of your tooth’s surface

This fact about dental hygiene is proof that flossing is really important when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Flossing can extend your life expectancy because it reduces the chances of infectious diseases and can even prevent heart attacks.

Dental fact #10: Stress can damage your teeth

Now, this is a not-so-fun dental fact. Neglected stress can inflict harm on your teeth, in addition to adversely affecting your dental and gum health. Individuals experiencing stress frequently grind or clench their teeth unconsciously during sleep, resulting in tooth fractures, erosion, and jaw problems. Furthermore, it can contribute to the development of canker sores and a decrease in saliva production. To safeguard your teeth, we recommend wearing a set of nighttime retainers or a mouthguard.

Doctor and patient reviewing an X-ray of teeth.

Taking care of your teeth is important

A smile is truly the best thing you can wear, so it’s incredibly important to take care of your teeth. We hope these fun and interesting teeth facts have inspired you to take proper care of your smile.

At Impress, we are on a mission to give all of our patients healthy, confident smiles. Our clinics specialize in tech-enhanced clear aligners that optimize overall oral health—because an aligned smile is a healthy smile. We also provide all of our patients with comprehensive dental care; by providing cavity filling, dental exams, cleanings, and whitening.

Interested in seeing what Impress can do for your smile? Find one of our modern clinics near you and book your free consultation with one of our expert doctors. If you need additional assistance, feel free to give us a call or email us. We hope to see you at an Impress clinic soon!

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