Grillz for teeth: what are they, the different types and the damage they can cause

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Teeth grillz have gained popularity among artists and individuals seeking attention-grabbing smiles. However, the potential risks and the need for professional guidance often go unnoticed.

In this article, we explore tooth grillz, their types, how to put them on, and the potential dental damage they can cause to teeth.

What are grillz for teeth?

What we commonly call grillz, also known as dental jewelry, are metal caps or crowns made from various materials like gold, silver, or diamond-coated. Teeth grillz are purely decorative and are placed on one or more teeth to enhance the smile's aesthetics.

Types of grillz

Teeth grillz come in various types, depending on the number of teeth covered, their permanence, and the material used. Grillz can be customized to cap a single tooth or multiple teeth, based on personal preference.

In terms of permanence, there are removable grillz that can be taken off easily, and fixed grillz that necessitate prior preparation of the teeth to be covered.

Lastly, custom teeth grillz can be classified based on the material employed:

  1. Gold grillz or tooth caps: this is one of the most expensive and ostentatious options.
  2. Silver grillz: also a popular choice and a slightly cheaper option than gold grillz.
  3. Diamond grillz: of all types of grillz these are the most exclusive of all materials. They can have to 100 diamonds bonded to a silver or gold grillz base.
Young woman shows off her smile with teeth grillz.

How do you put grillz on?

Curious about how to put grillz on? We've got you covered with a simple guide.

While putting on grillz may not be complicated, it is advisable to seek professional assistance from a dentist. This ensures any pre-existing health conditions are considered and minimizes potential negative consequences associated with these caps.

Here's a step-by-step explanation of how grillz are applied:

  1. Prior to placing the grillz, it is crucial to address any existing oral issues like tartar buildup, cavities, periodontal diseases, or gingivitis. This preventive measure helps prevent potential complications after the grillz are fitted.
  2. Once the dentist confirms optimal oral health, an oral impression of the patient's mouth and tooth structure is taken to ensure a precise fit for the grillz.
  3. Afterward, the design and material preferences for the grillz are discussed and chosen.
  4. The production of the grillz begins, typically taking around two to three weeks to complete.

After receiving the grillz, the subsequent steps will differ based on whether they are fixed or removable. For removable grillz, it is essential to consult a dentist who will provide instructions on how to correctly put them on and remove them, along with proper maintenance guidelines as to how to take care of them. However, if the grillz are fixed, your teeth will need to be prepared before a professional applies them.

Close-up of a mouth with a complete set of teeth grillz.

Are grillz bad for your teeth?

While grillz may be fashionable, it's important to note that they can have detrimental effects on your teeth and overall oral health. Ultimately grillz are bad for your teeth and can cause damage to them. Before considering grillz, it's crucial to be aware of the associated risks and potential teeth damage they can cause.

Since grillz are additional accessories placed on the teeth, they can interfere with normal mouth functionality, leading to teeth damage, bite issues, and gum problems. Here are some common complications patients may experience after wearing tooth grillz:

  1. Bacterial plaque and tartar retention, due to difficulty in maintaining proper oral hygiene.
  2. Tooth decay and gum disease, too, is a consequence of a lack of optimal oral hygiene.
  3. Sores, due to the grillz rubbing against soft tissue in the mouth.
  4. Dental fractures due to the pressure this type of cap can exert on teeth.
  5. Bite problems, as grillz can alter and prevent proper occlusion.
  6. Tooth malposition issues, because grillz do not prevent teeth from moving and, instead, put increased pressure on teeth which can accelerate unwanted movement.

What to consider while wearing grillz

To ensure safety and proper fit, it is crucial to have tooth grillz fitted by a professional who can customize them and utilize appropriate materials. Additionally, a dental expert should assess your oral health to ensure it is suitable for wearing teeth grillz.

It is essential to avoid purchasing teeth grillz online or opting for pre-made ones that are not custom specifically for you. Ill-fitting grillz can lead to irreversible damage to your mouth, highlighting the importance of custom-made options.

How to take care of grillz

Let鈥檚 break down some tips on how to take care of grillz:

  1. Safeguard your oral hygiene: Wearing grillz can hinder proper dental care, necessitating extra attention to your oral routine. It is crucial to brush your teeth more frequently and ensure daily flossing to maintain optimal oral hygiene.
  2. Keep your grillz clean: Regularly brush your grillz to eliminate bacterial plaque that accumulates on them. If they are removable, ensure they are cleaned at least once every 24 hours to maintain their hygiene.
  3. Prioritize dental check-ups before wearing grillz: As mentioned earlier, consulting a dental expert is crucial. Additionally, it is essential to maintain regular visits to your dentist while wearing grillz to monitor any changes that may occur over time.
  4. Limit prolonged use: If you decide to wear grillz, it is advised to use them for short durations to minimize their potential impact.

How much are grillz?

How much grillz are can vary depending on the quality of material, how many teeth they cover, and if they are permanent or removable. Grillz can be easily purchased online without any customization or professional supervision. These grillz caps can be very inexpensive, from as little as $10, but despite the tempting price, we stress their use is not at all recommended for your oral health.

Price variations for professionally fitted and high-quality grillz can be substantial, primarily influenced by the chosen material and design. Silver grillz, being the most affordable option, typically start at $250. On the other hand, diamond grillz, known for their extravagance, can reach the highest price range, where pricing starts at $200 - $250 per tooth.

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Impress clear aligners: the solution to issues caused by grillz

As highlighted in the article, wearing teeth grillz can potentially result in oral health complications such as bite issues or accelerated teeth movement, leading to dental misalignments. If you encounter any of these problems after wearing tooth grillz, Impress clear orthodontics can offer solutions to restore a healthy and properly aligned smile.

Impress clear aligners provide discreet and effective treatments for addressing bite problems and dental misalignments. They offer a discreet and efficient approach to resolve these issues and achieve optimal dental alignment.

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